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Why Naturally Smart vitamins?

Always “Be Smart!

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All nutritionists agree that virtually all women do not obtain adequate amounts of vitamins and other important nutrients, and would benefit from supplementation. Many women only start taking such supplements when they find out they are pregnant. For some, the embryo has already started to develop, potentially in a vitamin-depleted environment.

Thus, it is worth beginning vitamin usage while trying to conceive and especially while undergoing fertility treatment. It takes time to replenish certain nutrients, and you never know when you will get lucky! There is also evidence that certain vitamins may improve response to treatment and lower miscarriage rates when conception occurs, While daily requirements for many vitamins f]slowly decrease after delivery, taking care of your new baby requires lots of energy and our formulation helps that.

In addition, you want to be around a long time, some nutrients like DHA and Co-enzyme Q-10 may improve heart function for the long-haul. Our family of vitamins and supplements can help maintain good health from pre-conception, pregnancy and beyond. And men—you are important too! In general, men are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease, so continued use of our multi-vitamins, Co-enzyme Q-10, and DHA, along with other preventative measures may lower the risk heart disease and strokes.